Profil Personil Boyband Fame

Profil Personil Boyband Fame

1. Profil NC Fame
Full Name: Nicko Fernandes
Nick Name: NC
Position: sub vocal
Place of birth: Jakarta
Date of birth:16 Desember 1991
Age: 20 years old


2. Profil Val Fame

Full Name: Valeryan Ivan Raharja
Nick Name: Val
Position: sub vocal
Place of birth: Jakarta
Date of birth: 23 November 1994
Age: 17 years old


3. Profil Thomas Fame
Full Name: Thomas Budianto
Nick Name: Thomas
Position: dancer, vocal, & rapper
Place of birth: Banjarmasin
Date of birth: 4 Desember 1992
Age: 19 years old


4. Profil Xander Fame
Full Name: Reggy Alexander
Nick Name: Xander
Position: (lead dancer / lead vocal / sub vocal / rapper) - sub vocal
Place of birth: Tangerang
Date of birth: 28 September 1993
Age: 18 years Old


5. Profil Xing Fame
Full Name: Xing Hermina
Nick Name: Xing
Position: Leader & Lead Vocal
Place of Birth: Jakarta
Date of birth: 16 April 1987
Age: 24 years old


6. Profil JJ Fame
Full Name: Andy Wen
Nick Name: JJ
Position: main vocal/lead vocal
Place of birth: Pematang Siantar
Date of birth: 31 Maret 1988
Age: 23 years old


7. Profil Alex Fame
Full Name: Alexander Tan
Nick Name: Alex
Position: Rapper
Place of birth: Bandung
Date of birth: 24 Desember 1990
Age: 21 years old


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